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Item No. B3294

Pahlavi Coins
Both Side of a Coin
Cataloge of Machine-Sturck Coins of Pahlavi
Pahlavi I 1925-1941
Pahlavi II 1941-1978
2013 in Farsi/English


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Item No. B3295

Persian Art Works in Hermitage Museum
(St. Petersbourg, Russia)
By Dr. Mohammad Memarzadeh
Associate Professor at Painting Department Alzahra University
2003 in Farsi


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Item No. B3296

Sasanian Art
By: Fereidoun Avarzamani
2014 in Farsi


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Item No. B3297

Qajar Medals
By: Zainab Azmon
2015 in Farsi


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Item No. B3298

Modern Coinage of Iran
AH1293 (1876)- SH1353 (1974)
By: Robert L. Clarke and A. Mohabat-Ayin, M.D.
1974 in Farsi/English


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